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Check out our assortment of natural, organic and hypo-allergenic skincare products, traditional Thai herbal treatments, a hand-picked selection of our favorite natural cosmetics, beauty items, fragrances, and our custom Japanese blotting paper. Not every personal care item can be totally friendly and organic but when we find an exciting and health-conscious solution for some common beauty issue we try it and ultimately feature it if we think it's great. Tell us if you know of something terrific that you think we'd be interested in trying or promoting on this site! We're always interested in featuring the latest in organic and natural personal beauty and skincare products.

Our philosophy: pamper your skin, your hair, your lips, your eyes with natural and organic cosmetics! There are many great health and personal care secrets in Asia that the western cultures have been slow to recognize. There are also many scientific advances that lead to breakthroughs in beauty and skincare products. Our goal is to bring you tried and true as well as cutting-edge products to make yourself look and feel your very best. Contact us with any product information you have regarding natural and organic cosmetics, skincare or beauty products. Let us know what you think!

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